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The difference between a win or a loss in court, 

often the difference between prison time and freedom, 

may well be your attorney.





For over thirty years, Attorney Frank Policelli has been that difference.



Frank Policelli has successfully represented hundreds of people in criminal trials, civil litigation and in appellate courts.




Don't wait until it's too late... from the smallest of matters to Federal Court... Attorney Frank Policelli will represent you like no one else. 








Don't wait for the hammer to fall


If you need help, Call Attorney Frank Policelli...  when it really matters!

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"My goal is to render the best possible legal representation at a fair price, while paying attention to the needs and goals of the client. I understand that you probably have no experience with the legal system. I do. My clients' problems are my problems, and  I pride myself in finding innovative, practical solutions to those problems. My job is not to get criminals on the street. My job is to uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution. Call today for a free consultation."




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