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Have you been hurt in an automobile accident? A workplace incident? Were you injured by a faulty product?

The law recognizes damages for pain, anguish, physical impairment, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses and disfigurement. Also, in the event of death or serious bodily injury, family members have the right to recover for the loss of the love and support of a loved one.  I will work hard to recover damages owed to people wronged by the negligence of others. 

I know how to help you get what's coming to you, the same way way I got these people their due:

Client injured by falling on a stump while playing softball on a city-owned field   


Client injured neck and back when defendants ran stop sign   


Client suffered broken hip when driver struck her car after missing a turn   


Client suffered two herniated disk when rear-ended at a stop light


Client injured neck and back when rear-ended while waiting to make a turn


Client ruptured triceps tendon when repairing the roof of a local swim club 


Client suffered herniated disks when the car in which she was a passenger was struck by a driver running a red light


Client fractured hip when driver lost control and struck her vehicle


Client suffered disk herniation and disk bulging when driver failed to yield right-of-way,


Client injured back when struck by car backing out of a driveway


Client suffered bruised hip, herniated disc and knee tears when driver failed to yield right-of-way and struck her vehicle


Client burned severely by hot tar in a roofing accident 


Client suffered back injury when struck by car backing out of a driveway



THE BOTTOM LINE: If it's not your fault, why should you be the one paying for it!

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